Welcome to Triyd!

Where innovation meets excellence! This is our Welcome blog and an introduction into who we are so you can get to know us better.

Who is Triyd?

Triyd is a business-to-business service provider designed to increase business efficiency and optimize costs  – to help business owners increase bottomline profitability.

We have four divisions:

Triyd Energy  

Triyd Insurance

Tried Payments

Triyd Wholesale

These are our four cornerstones of our operations.

Our goal for each of our clients to help them grow their business by reducing costs and increasing efficiency by offering multiple service options under one location.

Additionally, our objective is to establish long-term relationships with each of our clients.

What is the meaning of Triyd?

The essential meaning of Triyd is to learn from one’s mistakes: To truly learn when being wrong.  

The essence of Triyd is in always learning. 

Some will try, fail, and they may give up or quit. Others will try, fail, but learn; which leads to success. The latter has Triyd.

It is our belief that success does not come without initial failures.

Essentially one step back creates two steps forward – but only if you have Triyd.

Only If someone has truly learned.  

It’s the ability to see failures as small successes. 

Welcome to Triyd

What Topics will Triyd be writing about?

Triyd will be writing about everything related to each of our four divisions including Energy, Insurance, Payments and Wholesale. More specifically we will have blogs on key topics including relevant events, law changes, regulations, and more.   

Two core blog objectives will revolve around providing tips on:



Some examples will be FDA related updates, law changes, approved or unapproved companies or brands, drugs, and more.

Another example may be FTC complaints, filings, settlements, press releases; to provide education and awareness on areas of compliance and long-term business sustainability. 

We may branch off some blog topics into other specific state law updates, as well as different government agency news, to keep up to date with important information.

About Triyd Founder: Jesse Myers

Jesse Myers has a background in business development and business ownership. He’s worked with thousands of business owners since 2006 and has owned a handful of startups over that time period.

Most recently, Myers founded and grew an FDA Registered manufacturing company, along with a distribution company, and private labeling company, with well over 3,000 wholesale and private label clients worldwide. He has since sold the company.

Jesse enjoys most working with business-to-business clients and growing genuine relationships. This is what drives him. He loves working with clients and building relationships.

Myers Graduated from California State University, San Marcos in 2004 with a degree in Business
Management and Marketing.

Before that, he graduated from the prestiguous Morristown-Beard private high school, in
Morristown, New Jersey. He had the honor of being Student Body President during his Senior

Myers has two daughters, Kayla & Jenelle and resides in Oldsmar, Florida. They recently got their
first dog, which Kayla named ‘Daisy’.

Our Four-Division Overview 


  • Website: Triydenergy.com, also found on Triyd.com
  • Commercial Electric Deregulation services
  • Access to over 90 energy suppliers
  • Available in all deregulated markets
  • Specializing in the following states: Illinois, MA, PA, OH, TX, Maine, Rhode Island, Maryland, NY, NJ, and Delaware.
  • We work with all businesses types and sizes
  • Free Cost-savings proposal!
  • Lock-in fixed energy rate!
  • Choose from convenient terms as little as 6 months
  • One-on-one support
  • Email a recent company electric bill to [email protected] or [email protected] to get started!


  • Website: Triydinsurance.com, also found on Triyd.com
  • Commercial Insurance services
  • Coverage available in all 50 states for standard risks
  • For hard-to-place risks, coverage is available in Florida only
  • Specializing in retail stores, restaurants, manufacturers, and wholesale businesses.
  • Other business welcome!
  • Need coverage?
  • Get started today
  • Email [email protected] to request coverage or visit Triydinsurance.com


  • Website: Triydpayments.com, also found on Triyd.com
  • Merchant Processing Solutions
  • For all business sizes and types big or small
  • Payment processing services for business and brand owners
  • High risk merchant solutions available including CBD, Delta 8, Kratom, Vape,
    Nutraceuticals, Dietary supplements, Subscriptions, E-books, Restaurants, Retail
    Stores, and more
  • One-on-one support
  • Clover device hardware and software available for retail locations
  • Gateway services and technical support including questions and integrations
  • Email [email protected] or visit triydpayments.com to get started!
  • Include a copy of a recent merchant statement for review if you are currently
    processing credit cards
  • We look forward to supporting your payment processing!


  • Website: Triydwholesale.com, also found on Triyd.com
  • Wholesale platform to buy and sell wholesale products
  • Specializing in products for retail stores, restaurants, manufacturers, and
    other distributors
    Sign up to request your products be listed for sale as a new vendor
  • Sign up for wholesale as a buyer on Triydwholesale.com
  • One-on-one support
  • Email [email protected] for questions or visit Triydwholesale.com
  • Register for our wholesale email list for weekly updates, new products,
    specials, and more!
  • Choose from a variety of everyday items along with popular brands sold
  • Interested in listing your brands products with us? Contact us at
    [email protected] to learn how

We look forward to beginning the Triyd journey with you.

Stay tuned for new blogs, news, and updates.