Our Services

We are a business-to-business service provider,
a combination designed for convenience.


Lower your company electric bill.We provide energy advisory to businesses in deregulated states.
✔ Reduce or stabilize electric-related expenses
✔ Capture and correct inefficiencies
✔ Consolidate energy supply agreements



Commercial insurance for small and medium size businesses. Specializing in retail, restaurants, manufacturers, and more. General Liability, Workers Compensation, and other lines of Commercial insurance coverage. Get your business covered today.



Merchant processing solutions for your business including high risk categories. From nutraceuticals, tech support, e-cigarettes, skincare, diet products, and more. We choose the best bank, plan, point of sale system, and back-office software. This enables you to save money and expand your business operations.



Shop from a wide range of everyday items along with unique purchases for wellness, lifestyle, and more. Are you interested in listing your brands products with us? Or would you like to to buy products from us wholesale? Email us at: [email protected] to learn how.


Why Us

    We Embrace Change,
    Leverage Technology,
    And Stay Ahead.

With a focus on innovation, new approaches, and ideas, Triyd implies a versatile and adaptable nature; indicating a capability of handling various industries and challenges.


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